beef stew with cream

Recipe: Roast beef with cream sauce

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approx. 640



    • 1.4kg braised beef

    • 3 onions diced

    • 250g parsley root, halved

    • 4 carrots quartered

    • 100g clerey diced

    • 3 tbsp pepper paste

    • 250ml white wine

    • 250ml water

    • 2 tbsp flour

    • 200g cream

    • salt, pepper

    • 2 tbsp parsley

    • 1 tbsp tarragon

    • 1 tbsp marjoram

    • 1 tbsp stock powder


    • Season the roast with salt and pepper and sear on all sides.

    • Set the roast aside and sauté the onions with the celery. Add the carrots and parsnips and continue frying. Add the spices and paprika, stir and continue to fry briefly.

    • Pour the wine over it, let it simmer and then fill up with water.

    • Put the sauce in a cast iron pot, put the beef in the middle and let it simmer covered for about 1 hour at low heat.

    • Turn the roast occasionally and stir the sauce so nothing burns on the bottom.

    • After an hour, add the cream and if you want the sauce a little thicker, you can mix the flour with cold water and add it to the pot. Just important -> first put the flour in a bowl and then fill it up with the water.. the other way around, there are usually only lumps of flour that are not exactly useful.

    • Let everything simmer together for another hour, low temperature again and stir every now and then ... and my delicious roast is ready without an oven.


    • Red wine can also be used, then the sauce will be correspondingly darker.

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