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Who doesn’t know that eternal “what do we want to eat today” topic?

Since I’m very busy at work and don’t want to do without good food, we’ve come up with a little concept of our own at home.

At the beginning of each month, I plan our meal plan for a month in advance. I always follow the same basic principle. That saves time and money.


leftovers, soups, salads, ..

pasta day

potatoe day

rice day

Sea day
(fish, scampi, .. )

Wish day
(Barbecue, eating out, .. )

(Roast, roulades, duck, .. )

basic principle

meal plan

Everyone can plan it however they want – for example, we have set a small motto for each day of the week or corresponding dishes, which we serve every evening after work.

The positive thing about this thing is that you don’t have to think too much and always follow the same pattern. Another positive aspect is that you actually eat more variety and are more aware of your own diet.

Free blank template

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You want to choose your meals by yourself?

Then download my meal plan template for free and let off steam. If you feel like it, you are welcome to support me on Instagram and link my profile or the hashtag #rezeptliebe.